And Mountain (hereinafter “Shop”)will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and relevant laws and regulations, and handle personal information properly based on the following policy in order to meet the trust of our guests and customers:
The shop may contract out the whole or part of its business involved in updating and managing the shop website to a reliable third company.


1.(Proper Acquisition of Personal Information)
The Shop will not acquire personal information by deception or other wrongful means.

2.(Specification of Utilization Purpose, Restriction According to Utilization Purpose
The Shop will acquire personal information specifying the utilization purpose, and use such information exclusively within the scope required to achieve the purpose and not beyond such scope without the approval of the individual concerned.

3.(Securing of Accuracy of Data)
The Shop will take appropriate means to keep personal information accurate and updated.

4.(Safety Control Measures)
The Shop will handle personal information with due attention to safety control and take necessary and appropriate measures to protect data from falsification, destruction, loss, leak, etc.

5.(Internal System, Education of Employees)
The representative of the Shop will be appointed as a personal information manager who improves the internal control systems, works to educate employees, and continuously conducts reviews of such systems.

6.(Supervision of Contractors)
In case of contracting out the whole or any part of its business in the course of transactions, etc., the Shop will oblige the contractors to strictly control personal information, and will supervise them for such purpose.

7.(Restriction on Third Party Provision)
The Shop does not provide personal information to a third party without the approval of the individual concerned in advance except as required by law.
Exception of third party provision
(1) Contracting out
The shop may contract out the whole or part of its business involved in handling personal information after taking safety control measures for the contractor.
(2) Succession
It is possible that personal data will be provided if there is a business succession by any other cause.
(3) Shared use
Part of the personal data will be shared by the And Mountain (Café and Mountain, Cabin and Mountain) group. In case any policy is set forth separately regarding the handling of personal information, such policy will govern.
Items of personal data subject to shared use
Name (including reading), e-mail address, address, telephone number, sex, date of birth, password
Scope of parties to share use
And Mountain group (Café and Mountain, Cabin and Mountain)
The companies which conclude an agreement with the And Mountain and provide the accommodation reservation systems
Purpose of use by parties to share use
Provision of accommodations, cafe services, etc.
Provision of reservation services for accommodations
Provision of Internet reservation service
Distribution by e-mail of product and service information
Materials for determining the selected information to be sent to you
Response to inquiries
Responsible person for the control of relevant personal data
The representative of the Shop is responsible for the control of relevant personal data.


8.(Disclosure, Correction, Inquiry, etc.)
The Shop will respond as soon as possible to requests for disclosure, correction, or use suspension regarding personal information from the individual concerned.
Matters to be disclosed regarding retained personal data
Purposes of utilization of retained personal data
Response to customers’ use of the Shop’s goods and services, and to the Shop’s sale of goods and Sales activities including sending notices of events
Response to inquiries and requests for materials, etc.
Preparation of basic data for customer trend analyses and other analyses required in business management
Performance of obligations and exercise of rights of the Shop, as well as response associated therewith
Personal data retained by the Shop
Data of reservations for and actual use of accommodations
Data of reservations for and actual use of the café, the shop, etc.
Data of questionnaires and participants in shop events and projects
Procedures for responding to requests for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, use suspension, and elimination
The Shop will respond to requests from the individual concerned or his/her agent regarding personal information retained by the Shop for “notice of purpose of utilization,” “disclosure,” “correction, addition, or deletion,” “use suspension or deletion,” and “suspension of third party provision” in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
Contact regarding the treatment of personal information as above:
And Mountain TEL. 050-1217-6946